Laventi Watches is an affordable luxury watch brand founded in London, 2018.

We at Laventi Watches believe that time is the most important part of the world. Time on this planet is something you will never get back. 

"Time is more valuable than money. 
You can get more money, 
but you cannot get more time."
- Jim Rohn

It is because of this statement Laventi watches is founded on the belief that luxury style shouldn't break the bank.

Laventi Watches brings together a community that strives for the greatest things in life. Our goals is to inspire you and others to make the most out of your time on this planet.

Our mission statement is to bring together the greatest, boldest watch designs at an affordable price to make our community stand out from the crowd in this ever growing unimaginative world we live in. 

On behalf of the founders on Laventi Watches, we would like to welcome you to the Laventi family.